Private view of Altered Perspectives by Etienne Le Comte


Our brand new exhibition by the hugely industrious and talented artist Etienne Le Comte “Altered Perspectives” is now at the gallery for all to view. To celebrate we invited some wonderful people down to come and see the work, meet the artist and generally have a damn fine time.

Etienne attacks each blank page he faces with some sense of order, often starting with a check list of humorous, random ideas to conceal in amongst the highly detailed final image and working from increasingly complex grid templates which act as a skeleton creating a layout for the architecture and a structure within each hand drawn cityscape. The foundations of his drawings create a futuristic metropolis; an industrial labyrinth which is lavishly embellished with overwhelming complexity. Etienne applies madness, invention and chaos to ensure every drawing is both spontaneous and pleasurable for the Artist and viewer.

The exhibition is up until the 31st of July, so you have plenty  of time to pop down and see the wonderful insanity of Etienne’s artwork. In the meantime, here are some fine photos of the night for your enjoyment:


PV Photo

DSCF8867 DSCF8885 DSCF8897 DSCF8908 DSCF8912 DSCF8925 DSCF8926 DSCF8936

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