Ask The Artist – A Q&A Session with Eve Shepherd


On Saturday 26th of November, from 2-4pm Corridor Gallery will be hosting our second “#AskTheArtist” Q& A session in the space, with Eve Shepherd creator of the “Blood & Bone” exhibition.

Corridor Gallery are delighted to host an artist who works which such emotional veracity. They are excited about bringing viewers of the exhibition a true insight into the work and the processes involved directly from the artist. For those not able to make the space, we will be running a Twitter and Facebook Q&A, where the artist will be answering any questions you may have.

We will be opening up questions from now until the Q&A via Twitter and Facebook, so if you have any burning questions you wish to ask, we encourage you to submit them now. Simply ask a question on our Twitter (@CorridorGallery) or Facebook ( with the #AskTheArtist hashtag and Eve will answer them during the session.


Eve Shepherd’s work explores the journey of femininity, shaped and inspired by her own experiences as an artist and mother. Pulling together for the first time in her working practice, a singular and encompassing theme which captures fragility and fortitude through feminine archetypes of maiden, mother and crone. “Blood & Bone” creates a setting for Eve’ Shepherd’s sculpture to tell the story of ancient women; capturing the strength and power of strong women from the primordial ancestry of our beginnings to the complex and intricate femininity of modern day.

“Blood & Bone” showcases porcelain sculpture which seems to grow from the ground itself. Rough, gnarled clay is transformed by Eve Shepherd. Refined with delicacy and expertise each figurative sculpture evokes a haunting, ethereal quality while remaining both fleshy and visceral.

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