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Corridor Gallery was created by Brighton-based makers and Artists to provide exhibition and retail space to support and nurture our City’s vibrant Art scene.

The Gallery space offers a monthly exhibition area with the sole aim to house great Art made in Brighton by a wealth of diverse Artists, Makers and Artisans.

Corridor Gallery seeks to promote, showcase and sell a stunning array of original Fine and Contemporary Art produced by Brighton makers – there is no restriction on the style or medium of work Corridor Gallery exhibits so the space transforms each month to reflect the variety, vibrancy and flair found in our unique and fiercely independent City with a different exhibition in the front and retail area at the back of the space.

Corridor Gallery was launched in September 2015 by the Arts Co-Operative Diversis Artibus which runs and manages the space. Working with Co-Operative allows the project to run as a transparent and fair not-for-profit enterprise; ensuring the Artists and Makers we support get fair payments for their work and receive free promotion, creative control, support and engagement with the Arts Co-Operative.

Our First Private View Night

How It All Began

Corridor Gallery is the brainchild of a group of Brighton-based Artists and makers who began the project two years ago. It all started on a cold Autumn evening during an impromptu drinking session in a local pub with a smattering of creative, self-employed friends enjoying lively conversation about Art and Brighton. The conversation progressed beyond a wish list of our personal aspirations and grumbles; swiftly transforming into a glorious shared vision for a Brighton-focused Gallery and selling space that was affordable, transparent, accessible and inspiring.

Very early on in the planning stages it was agreed the only way to operate such a complex set of goals would be to operate as a not-for-profit Co-Operative; allowing Artists and creative minds to work together for a common cause. By creating a space where Artists could sell and promote their work directly to the public Corridor Gallery offers fantastic opportunities for Artists to learn new skills, share experiences and most importantly to support and encourage one another.

Sharing our creative visions, responsibilities and the workload a project like this generates has very much informed the spirit of Corridor Gallery.

Every element of running the space; from marketing, administration, graphic design, manning the space and our exhibition and events program are organised entirely by a dedicated team of volunteers from our Arts Co-Operative Diversis Artibus.


The Diversis Artibus Co-Operative

The Diversis Artibus Co-Operative was formed over many ales late in November 2013 and the founding members officially gained Co-Operative status for Diversis Artibus in October 2014 after many months of hard work, research, administration and meetings.
Diversis Artibus is a IPS Co-Operative model, meaning the business provides a service for our Brighton-based Artistic community but also the local populous of Brighton & Hove.

The founding members of Diversis Artibus help to run, manage and organise Corridor Gallery – if you are visiting the space then you’ll very likely meet Emma Clear, Aaron Howdle, Lucy Kenward or Barnaby Simpson. All of our Co-Operative members volunteer their time and energy for this project whilst simultaneously working on their individual self-employed businesses.

Corridor by Night

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