Kismet and Slate

Kismet & Slate offers a wide range of affordable and eye-catching brass and silver jewellery with capsule collections utilising recurring dream-like motifs ranging from the macabre skulls to his whimsical fox faces.
In addition to quirky and eye-catching mini collections Barnaby Simpson has a passion for artisanal craft which informs his salvage pieces. Barnaby finds inspiration in rescuing antique silver work from the scrap heap, restoring and reimagining lost treasures and creating wonderful new statement jewellery, each piece completely unique and unrepeatable. Statement jewellery designs often include stunning gemstones which have been meticulously set by hand, adding an extra element of preciousness and luxury to these special, one-off designs.

In addition to producing gorgeous quirky jewellery for Kismet & Slate – Barnaby Simpson regularly enjoys commission work, trusted to create important and special jewellery from unconventional engagement rings, wedding bands (including working with unusual materials like Iron) and precious repair work for special antique pieces.
Kismet & Slate by Barnaby Simpson creates stunning original and reimagined designs for women and men with a wide product range spanning unisex tie or hat pins, cufflinks, rings, earrings and necklaces.

Kismet & Slate: Silver Fox Face pieces Kismet & Slate